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Joy Lin

Upon graduating from UC Berkeley, Joy signed a competitive offer at a highly-respected firm.  Much to her dismay, she realized she had a lot of re-routing to do, personally and professionally.

After a successful and enlightening career and lifestyle transition, she decided to dedicate the rest of her life leading by example and helping others design an optimal life and career. Since then, she has worked with major labels and publishers in the music industry, ran her first marathon, and coached professionals from London to LA. She developed the Quarter Life Joy, which is the choice to take control of the transitions in our professional and personal lives.  It is using the momentum of change to continually challenge and design a life on stronger foundations.  Working with Joy can give you the habits, tools, and instincts needed for confident decision-making, now and in your lifetime.

Joy is published on Forbes, Career Contessa, The Muse, Elephant Journal, Peaceful Dumpling, Millionaire Girls’ Movement, and more. She also leads group workshops at General Assembly. Since launching Quarter Life Joy, Joy has coached over 400 individuals privately, and continues to expand offerings to group experiences and products for self-coaching and personal development.




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