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You're driven, creative, strategic, and purposeful - but you're feeling lost, burnt out, and anxious

At this point in your life, you don’t want to be in just any job, collecting a paycheck, and disconnected from what you do.

✔️ You want opportunities that you’re excited about

✔️ You want to use your strengths and creative skills to tackle interesting challenges

✔️ You value learning and growth, professionally and personally

✔️ It’s important to have work-life integration

✔️ You want to get paid!

✔️ You want to make a positive impact 

You’re ready to be intentional, but where do you start?

What if I told you that all of this is possible for you?

What you need to know is the framework for designing a career that fits perfectly for you, and to gain clarity on what lasting fulfillment and impact actually looks like for YOU.

I’ve coached over a thousand leaders and creators in 21 countries, including 146 cities and 34 states and led over 80 workshops for campuses or corporations like General Assembly, Shift Beyond Work, and SS&C Advent.

What makes me most fulfilled is helping driven and intentional professionals like you unlock career happiness by getting to know yourself, building an inspiring vision, and empowering you with strategies and a focused roadmap to achieve it.

Whether you want to completely pivot your career or amplify your impact in what you’re already doing, we can help you design a career that you are proud of.

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