Feeling lost? 10 Ideas to Reinvent Your Career

Feeling lost? 10 Ideas to Reinvent Your Career

In today’s video, we talk about how to reinvent your career if you’re feeling lost. Here are 10 ideas you can do right away to feel more inspired about your future. 

#1: You’re not alone

The average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times during his/her career. Nowadays, having a non linear career path is the norm. If you’re feeling isolated, let’s get you out of that funk. Join a community to read about others who are going through their career questions, and meet other like-minded people to learn from or support each other. Check out career forums on Quora, Reddit, The Muse, Career Contessa, Ladies Get Paid, Power To Fly. Browse Instagram and Youtube for people who inspire you! Get out there and connect with even a few people. You aren’t alone and you don’t have to do this alone. 

#2: Do a Good Time Journal (from the Designing Your Life Book)

For 1 week, journal all your daily tasks and rate them each by engagement and energy.

At the end of the week, reflect on what you captured! What tasks fueled your energy and which tasks drained your energy? When are you the most mentally engaged? From these insights, you can see if there are any patterns and adjustments you could make. For example, the goal of this exercise is to gather data and reflect so you can design your work life with intention and empathy.

#3: Journal about the purpose of work

In different career chapters, we have different orientations towards work. In some chapters, the purpose is advancement while in other chapters, the purpose is personal fulfillment. 

Journal to this list of questions from Designing Your Life:

  • Why work?
  • What’s work for?
  • What’s it mean?
  • How does it relate to the individual, others, society?
  • What defines good or worthwhile work?
  • What does money have to do with it?
  • What does experience, growth, and fulfillment have to do with it?
  • What about impact and scale? 
  • How does success relate to what is or isn’t “good work”?

#4: Write a list of people you most admire and respect right now in your life. 

Write down the names of people who you admire and respect more right now. These can include people you know, authors, leaders, entertainers, and teachers. What qualities about them do you admire most? For example, is it her grit, his innovative thinking, their vulnerability, or a skill? Review your list and notice if there are any repeated traits or areas you admire most in them. These can be clues as to what you also see in yourself and want to cultivate more of in your life. If you spot it, you got it! 

#5: Capture your times of peak performance

Do you ever get so immersed in what you do that you lose track of time? Being in your Zone of Genius often can significantly improve your career satisfaction. Think of 3 projects in the past where you’ve experienced peak performance and flow. Write it out in detail. What tasks were you doing, who were you with, what were you interacting with? What did most of your impact or contribution stem from? What core strengths and skills were you using? See if there are any themes that rise to the top.  

#6: Tap into career databases for ideas 

Go onto a website like Onetonline.org, search up industries and keywords you’re interested in, and read up on their occupational profiles for over 800 occupations. Other websites you can use include https://self-directed-search.com/ or careerexplorer.com

#7: Get inspired by watching “Day in the life of a ….” videos and blogs 

Our spheres of knowledge are limited to what we’ve been exposed to and know about. Inspiration often strikes when we are expanding our awareness internally and externally. It is refreshing to see how diverse different work lives look like for other professionals. It will expand your perspective on what’s out there, and you may find some ideas for yourself that resonate. 

#8: Set up intruiging informational chats

Find 3 people in your network that are working in a role/industry/company/path that you’re curious about, or may know someone who is. Reach out to them to see if they’re open to a quick chat. Say that you’re going through a transition, and would like to ask them a few questions and hear more about their career journey.  

#9: Read an informative and inspiring career book 

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • “Pivot: The only move that matters if your next one” by Jenny Blake 
  • “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnnett and Dave Evans
  • “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” by Daniel H. Pink
  • “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” by Simon Sinek
  • “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” by Chris Voss
  • “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?” by Seth Godin

#10: Do a social media detox 

For a week, limit your screen time and do activities that enrich you and nourish you. We tend to try to think and analyze our way to clarity, when in fact, clarity is a state that requires attention and connection to ourselves and our vitality. Other things to do to cultivate this awareness include: mindfulness practices, hiking in nature, music, making art, cooking, gardening, journaling. You’ll start to appreciate the present moment more, cultivate patience and awareness, and be in touch with your own intuition and desires.

The best time to reinvent your career is now. 

Good luck and I’ll see you in the next video!

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