3 Reasons Why Hiring a Career Coach will set you up for Success (even if you already love your job)

3 Reasons Why Hiring a Career Coach will set you up for Success (even if you already love your job)

People mostly reach out to me when things are not going so well. For example, their job search is not yielding results, they are unhappy in their current role, or they want more clarity in their future vision.

Working with a coach during challenging times makes sense: people are discouraged, anxious, or overwhelmed. In these circumstances, we do a lot of work to raise energy levels, build new strategies, and confront limiting beliefs to optimize their efforts.

Now, what if you don’t hate your job? Maybe things are going really well and you’re on track with all your major goals. First, well done! It’s an achievement to be in a role you are genuinely happy with.

And, Plot twist: This could be a great time to hire a coach.

Bet you didn’t see that coming! Well, looking for a coach is probably not something you’ve considered while on an upswing. After all, we are wired to seek help when difficulties are more immediately pressing. But, if you are hitting a strong stride in your job, you may be surprised to know that this is a great time to explore coaching.

Here is why hiring a coach can set you up for success, even if you love your job:

1. It can maximize your flow and momentum

If you enjoy your job, chances are you are operating at a high energy level and channeling quite a bit of focus into what’s important to you. You are most likely often in your Zone of Genius and have a clear sense of your “why”. When you’re enjoying your work, industry, and the people you work with, you’re experiencing valuable information on what it feels like to be aligned.

To maximize your momentum, section out time now for career planning, future visioning, and intentional goal-setting. Ultimately, this will help you leverage your energetic high and also avoid burnout by making space to connect with yourself. Working with a coach now can help you identify in real time what gets you really jazzed, any fears or doubts you have about your growth, and also creative ways to grow yourself and your work that you may not have thought of. A monthly planning session with weekly trackers on top performance indicators can be a simple, yet powerful way to amplify your flow and momentum.

2. We can build your long-term self-knowledge and awareness.

A fundamental component to success is the ability to cultivate deep self-knowledge and awareness. Without a clear sense of who we are, our strengths, our weaknesses, what we want, and what makes us tick, it’s difficult to experience continued, sustainable growth. Additionally, as growth-seeking humans, we are constantly growing, evolving, and changing. Building a long-term self-knowledge foundation means understanding that who we are changes in differing aspects throughout our lives. It means that in addition to knowing who you are and what you value, you also build awareness on how you relate to others, behavioral barriers, and how you can improve.

It’s a misunderstanding that once we take one Myers-Briggs test and make one vision board, that we’ve done the work.

Doing exercises and building habits for self-reflection during times of fulfillment can capture unique insights and data. These insights can be huge assets when you are confronted with both a challenge or unexpected opportunity. Working with a coach when you’re not already in a transition allows you to reflect on, gather examples for, gain clarity on, and strength your connection to yourself.

3) You can get a head start in finding a person you trust.

The process of finding a great coach for you is personal and can take longer than you may think (link to how to find the right coach for you). As the industry grows and there are more and more incredible professionals that help people like you navigate life and career, the more important it is to start meeting coaches, ask questions, and get some hands-on experience working with a coach.

In doing this, you’ll learn what you want in a coach, what works well, what doesn’t, and most importantly, who you want to turn to in times of celebration, growth, or hardship. A coach you trust can allow you to process new things as they come up, create tailored growth plans, and recommend other vetted coaches so you don’t need to scramble to find a new person when unexpected things happen. Furthermore, a great coach can keep you on track with your biggest goals this year and kick ass!

An upswing may seem like an odd time to consider coaching, but it makes sense, right? We save money for a house years before we plan to purchase it. We plan a vacation months before we go on it. And, we go to the gym daily to strengthen ourselves and optimize our health before old age.

Similarly, you can explore and save for coaching before you think you need it, organize tools and self-knowledge before a transition, and get support on your goals while things are flowing in a positive direction. Making a career transition is a great time to hire a coach, but it’s not the only time to consider it. If you are kicking ass in your job and already happy with it, this may be a perfect time to get started.

Are you thinking about hiring a coach? Tell us what you’d like to accomplish this year!

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