A Personal Note from Joy

A Personal Note from Joy

Because I haven’t taken the time to personally connect with you all on here yet, I wanted to write a more intimate post to close our first year. It has been the wildest journey to meet so many of you in person or online and to see the beginning of what Quarter Life Joy can become. I can’t wait to build with you all and join together on this journey.  I believe strongly that we all have the ability to create a unique purpose for our lives and our actions.

So, to begin 2016, I wanted to share with you my two greatest accomplishments this past year…

I am in love.

I’ve never been able to say this about my work. I’ve been in love with my team, I’ve been in love with an industry, and I’ve been in love with communities I’ve met. But, I’ve never been in love with my day-to-day work. I’ve liked it or enjoyed learning, but the work was never the focus.

This year, I dedicated consistent practice and risk in building my calling into what is now my full-time commitment. To do this, I worked full-time in the music industry, managed my apartment building, wrote freelance for multiple platforms, and step by step created something from the ground up. I fought through some incredible challenges accumulated from working in a fast-paced space for over 2 years with remote teams, such as burn out, isolation, and depression.  But, my mission statement was so strong and I always created solutions.

Quarter Life Joy is the birth of a calling I felt 2 years ago when I left the corporate world, nurturing ever since, and finally launched this year. Coaching, connecting, and creating are the tools I’ve chosen to channel my service to the world. I realized this year that it takes long hours, discipline, planning, and patience to make a living from it and have superior results. And now 70 private coaching sessions later, for the first time in my life, I can say I am truly in love. I am so incredibly grateful for the intuition and support that encouraged me to find this level of expression of love in something we call “work”. And to exemplify that it’s possible to be in love and make a living.

I can wear lipstick.

“But, you’ve always worn lipstick”, is what you may think. But you are wrong. Up until five years ago, I suffered from such severe eczema flare-ups since I was a baby that I couldn’t even put on lipstick without igniting rashes around my mouth, or kiss my boyfriend without risking a reaction around my lips. I remember carefully selecting a gorgeous set of lipstick while in college and sadly throwing it away after realizing I would never be able to wear it. Truthfully, there were many other things I couldn’t do because of my skin condition, but this, in particular, left a heavy dent in my heart.

So why can I wear lipstick now? This day wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t dedicated an entire year eliminating all toxic elements and ingredients from my diet, lifestyle, products, friendships, and career path. Also, it wouldn’t have come if I didn’t form specific non-negotiable time dedicated to my physical and mental health each and every day. For the last five years, I tested and prioritized my non-negotiable items no matter what or who I had to say no to, and transformed my body from the inside out. I have eliminated gluten, alcohol, caffeine, most dairy, jewelry, all items I’m allergic to, all toxic energy, and left any jobs I no longer felt aligned with. And in their place, I have added in boxing, mindfulness, love for nutrition, living an essentialist life, a dog, self-employment, and 8 hours of sleep each day. This year, I ran my first marathon, completed my 145th week of boxing and sparring, began developing a spiritual practice, and prioritized strengthening my intimate relationships. The human body is incredible, and it’s important to honor that before it’s too late. If I was able to heal my body from an auto-immune skin disease I was born with and get a chance to live and operate in a strong and healthy state of being, anyone can do the same.

So 2 years ago, I got my first fancy tube of red lipstick and tried it on. This year, red was my favorite lip color, and I wore it proudly any chance I got.

Happy New Year, my friends! Here’s to ending a beautiful year, and continuing on with more love, intention, and solidarity.



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