Career Changer,

I Know Career Change Is a Big Move for You.
It Takes Courage, Confidence, and Trust to Embark on a
Career Change. Maybe You are Just Starting Out, Mid-Career,
or an Executive at Your Company.
Wherever You Are on This Journey,
I Know How Important This Is to You.
This Transition Can Change Your Life
(Seriously, It Can!)

What you may be doing right now:


  • Being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start
  • Sending out applications and not hearing back
  • Staring at your resume and not knowing if it’s communicating the right things
  • Feeling unqualified for the roles you’re interested in
  • Spending too much time tailoring your resume and cover letters for every application
  • Endless anxiety and worry over your job search and how long it’s taking
  • Getting to final round interviews and not landing the offer

Here’s what you need:

  • Strategic advising to help you bridge you from where you are to where you want to go
  • A step-by-step roadmap to help you focus each week on your goals
  • Expert revision of your Resume and LinkedIn Profile to attract high-value opportunities
  • Tactics to identify and reach out to decision makers at your targeted companies
  • Tools to help manage your career change or job search process
  • Templates and resources to create tailored materials in half the time
  • Mock interviews to help you prepare confident answers
  • Tailored support and thought partnership on brainstorming and exploring ideas and strategy

Let’s do this together!
Master your Career Change 
(3-6 Month Customized Private Program)

What your customized program could include:


  • 3-6 Months of coaching and thought partnership for every step of your career change
  • In-Depth Development and Strategy Days
  • Full revision or updates on your Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching + Q&A calls
  • Weekly assignments and homework to keep you moving forward
  • Complete toolkit of resources, tools, and templates for clarity and career change
  • Timely 24/7 email support to review outgoing drafts and applications


This Program Is Best If You:
  • Have started researching, strengthening, or currently have the skills and qualifications that are needed for your new job targets
  • Are self-motivated and willing to do the work needed to succeed
  • Want more structure in your week-to-week job hunting tasks

A peek at the


Are You Ready to Strategize your Career Change/Job Hunt  + Land Job Offers?

Here’s What People Have to Say About Career Change Coaching with Joy:

I found my coaching sessions with Joy to be incredibly insightful and empowering because of how sharp Joy's observations were and how genuinely she cares about her clients. I felt as though the power over my professional narrative was placed back into my hands and that I could make much more informed decisions about my career. I never thought I could feel this good about where I am at in my professional journey and genuinely enjoy what I do. Our conversations always flowed naturally, and Joy has incredible listening skills. I KNOW beyond a doubt that I have been deeply heard and deeply seen and that she brings the highest level of integrity to her work. Joy can see your talents and the story you want to tell, even if you can't quite see it yet yourself. She will empower you to make the choices that most resonate with who you want to be, and she does it almost instantly. Take the leap and work with Joy! Wherever you are at in your life, don't hesitate. She's the real deal and you will be so much happier for having worked with her.

Head of Product Innovation & Development

“Working with Joy changed my whole mindset. I felt unsure how to begin my job search and where to focus my time. I even felt unsure of what sort of jobs I wanted to pursue. I looked forward to coaching every week because it was such a positive and special experience for me. Coaching sessions kept me focused on growth and progress. It surprised me how easy it was to complete materials after a coaching session. I didn't expect to be so productive between sessions, and it was possible because we'd put together the structure and main points of the materials during coaching sessions. Overall, it surprised me how simple the solutions were for problems that I might have ruminated over indefinitely. I naturally gravitated toward more solution-driven approaches. Small changes I made led to unexpected discoveries and offers. I felt more prepared and confident. I was able to take full advantage of both writing and teaching opportunities that together have doubled my income, freeing me to think about what sort of growth I'd like to seek from here. Joy's approach is engaging, supportive, and empowering. She has the uncanny ability to reflect what you've said and summarize it in a way that feels more manageable. I enthusiastically recommend Joy to others who would like to make their job search or career development a more efficient and encouraging process. You might wish you'd worked with her sooner.”


“Incredible, inspiring, thought provoking, confidence-building. Joy gave me real tools and strategies for finding my specific skills and strengths. She was able to coach me to zoom out and look at the big picture of what my life could be, and zoom in and talk about tactical strategies for difficult conversations at work and cover letters. It surprised me how much coaching is very self-directed. Joy had the questions, and I had to provide the answers. It left me feeling confident that if I'm patient with myself, I could provide the answers. I set out with the goal of a 3-month coaching engagement so that by the end of it, I would know my career path, strengths, and have a unique job search strategy, and have a new job offer in hand. Joy helped me to define my personal mission and strength and supported me through some really difficult conversations at work. I got a new job offer 2 weeks after our final call. Joy was so positive and thoughtful and challenging, but she also challenged me to consider things that I didn't set as goals, like trying to be patient with myself and trust the process. If you are looking for a strategic advisor for your career, someone who can look at what you have accomplished, help you craft your mission and vision, and set you on your path to happiness in your career, Joy is who you need.”

Instructional Designer/Content Strategy Leader

“I was at a career turning point. I was frustrated with my role at my last startup and when I tried to improve things there, I was let go. Joy’s approach is very warm, human and empathetic. Having a regular coaching meeting where I could explore ups and downs and plan the next actions in my job hunt was very useful for me to stay on track and not sink into aimless self-pity. After an 8 month search, I turned down a couple of roles that were not what I was seeking, and I landed a job that fits all of my parameters at a salary that is 47% HIGHER than my last job. I set some goals for my side work (writing) and started achieving those, too: This year I determined that I would focus on getting some bylines for myself and I have since pitched and placed 5 business articles and 1 creative nonfiction piece! Joy helped me take a big step forward.”

Content Strategy Lead

“I recently accepted an offer of employment on Wednesday, and I attribute it directly to Joy’s class at General Assembly. Not only did her tips for LinkedIn and resumes help me tremendously, but the visualization exercise was the real motivator for me. With it, she encouraged me to see myself doing something I really loved and cared bout. After her class I began networking with people in the industry, going to meetups, and learning about related careers as a PhD chemist. After a month of interviews, waiting, and negotiations, I can happily say that I accepted a job as a Lab Analyst at Steep Hill, the nation's first and largest cannabis testing laboratory. Joy has made a positive difference in my life. I hope others continue to learn and grow from her.”

Lab Analyst

“Magic happened and I GOT A JOB. Not just a job, THE job. I got exactly what I want. I'm a marketing and communications project manager for Team San Jose. Team San Jose is a non-profit organization that works on the venues, events and economic development for the city of San Jose. Joy invested a lot of time to help me and I believe a big reason of why I am here today goes back to our work together. Thank you!!”

Senior Program Manager

“I scored a job! I'm going to be the new content and marketing communications manager for a digital mindfulness company in SF! I even negotiated a 76% increase from my last job. AND am getting relocation. And I negotiated a 10% increase from what they were offering with a review in 4-6 months to get a 10% raise. When it rains, it pours... even in a good way. I was interviewing for 3 positions at once, and was offered a side project as well Thank you so much for everything! THANK YOU for telling me to not settle! It's magical and I feel so, so blessed.”

Marketing Communications & Content Manager

“I found my dream job! I cannot thank Joy enough for all of the amazing advice and confidence that you gave me. Thanks to Joy I was never discouraged in my career search (even when I was laid off). She gave me strategies to really think about what I wanted, reach out to companies in a unique way, and tell my story in a passionate and genuine way. I haven't stopped recommending the career coaching program to everyone. She truly helped me to change my life. I'm working for an amazing supply chain/tech startup called Flexport. It couldn't be more different to my last job, in all the best ways. I would never have been able to do this without Joy. Seriously thank you so much!!”

Senior Global Operations Associate

Are You Ready to Strategize your Career Change/Job Hunt  + Land Job Offers?