You Are in a Growth Stage, and You Realize That You Want a Partner in This Journey. You’re Ready to Take on Larger Responsibilities,
Build Teams, or Master Skills.

Is Growth and Goal-Setting Your Focus? Let’s Make This Your Best Year Yet.

Here Is What you Need

  • To identify your short and long term goals

  • Help connecting to connect with your future career vision
  • Strategic advising to break down big goals into smaller, achievable chunks
  • Tools and support as you develop your unique leadership style
  • Monthly strategy and planning sessions to take focused action and keep you on track
  • Space to identify performance barriers and create solutions on how to overcome them

Let’s do This Together!
Invest in Monthly Career Planning Coaching 
(6-Month Private Program)

What your customized program could include:

  •  3-6 Months of coaching and thought partnership 

  • Monthly 90-minute Strategic Planning Sessions

  • Weekly assignments and homework to keep you moving forward

  • Complete toolkit of resources, strategies, and templates for clarity and career change

  • Timely 24/7 email support to review outgoing drafts and applications

This Program Is Best If You:

  • Have short and long-term career goals you want to prioritize
  • Want more structured support in setting annual, quarterly, and monthly goals
  • Are self-motivated and willing to do the work needed to succeed
  • Are willing to look at performance barriers and seek solutions to improve
  • Are in a job you enjoy and want to really see how far you can go!

A peek at the


Are you ready to Grow and Lead in your Career?