Clarity Seeker,

If You Are Looking for Clarity on Your
Next Career Step, You Are in the Right Place.

Maybe You’re Ready for Something New,
But You Don’t Know Where to Start.

Clarity is Vital. Without It, You Can Feel Stuck,
Lost, or Overwhelmed. And You May Be Frustrated
that You’re Feeling this Way. 

What you may be doing right now:


  • Feeling stuck in a career you know you’re ready to move on from.
  • Defining your career success based on other people’s thinking
    and values
  • Doing what your friends and family think you “should” do
  • Making excuses for why you can’t have the career you want
  • Using age as an excuse for why it’s too late
  • Being indecisive because you’re afraid of making the wrong choice
  • Feeling overwhelmed in analysis paralysis and fear 

Here’s what you need:


  • An honest assessment of your strengths, skills, and values
  • Clarity on what skills you want to build and master
  • A future vision of your life that you feel inspired and motivated to work towards
  • Creative ways to explore and discover new career path options
  • Tools and methods to make confident decisions
  • Self-awareness, compassion, and confidence to chart you through the noise
  • Support and thought partnership

You may be thinking,
“Well, that’s me! What now?”

Clarity is available to you
My Signature Program
Design Your Dream Career Coaching Program

My 15-Week Program for creating clarity and confidence in yourself, your best career options, and also your career change strategy forward.

 This program is for you if you want to:

  • Make the most out of your work-life (ahem, 90,000+ hours over your lifetime)
  • Build self-knowledge on your strengths, skills, values, and personality type
  • Identify your preferences and times of peak engagement at work
  • Create a future vision of your life that you are inspired and motivated to work towards
  • Find new ways to explore and discover new career path options
  • Cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and confidence alongside this transition
  • Prepare and plan for a successful career change or job hunt
  • Create a timeline and action plan towards your dream career

What it includes:

  • 15 weeks of in-depth modules on everything from Clarity exercises to Job Hunt Strategies
  • Weekly assignments and homework to keep you moving forward
  • Weekly Coaching calls + Q&A
  • Accountability Partner
  • Complete toolkit of resources and templates for clarity and career change
  • Free Bonus Gift: 90-minute Strategy Session or Resume Consulting Session

A peek at the


Are You Ready to Explore Career Options + Gain

Here’s What People Have to Say About Design Your Dream Career:

“I would recommend (and have already recommended) this program to others! Problem one: I didn't know exactly what I was looking for! A job, broadly, but beyond that I didn't know. I realized that I couldn’t navigate the challenges and questions around gaining career clarity by myself. Making the commitment to coaching was a stretch for me, both financially and mentally. But it was affirming and wonderfully positive as well, and it gave me built-in structure and helped identify goals during my job search. It’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made! Joy helped me to answer that question with her multifaceted approach to career clarity, which focused as much on the important psychological and emotional aspects of job hunting as the practical components of writing applications and interviewing. I learned that I wanted to think about my professional options more broadly, to consider new opportunities and adjacencies to my previous work. I also wanted to resolve some of the dissatisfaction and cynicism I felt in my previous role before moving forward. My confusion around my lack of interest in the "logical next step" of my career was making life miserable, and Joy's coaching format helped me to work through that negativity and sort out the things that are important to me.”

International Media Programs

“Joy is a great mentor, coach, and a friend. I was unclear of my career path and which way to go about it. I felt stuck and didn't exactly know what step to take next. The group coaching experience was supportive and good to network with people going through similar thoughts and experiences. If your career path looks confusing and can't seem to find the answers, Joy is the one who helps you guide and organizes the path you want to take. She brings so much positive energy and is always there to support you 100%. She is truly an amazing person you want to know for the rest of your life. I'd like to say thank you, Joy!”

Graphic Designer

“It was better than I ever could have imagined - I loved the structure of the group coaching as we all helped each other and it helped me understand myself more in the process as well. I loved how structured and clear everything was - including documents for each module that would help guide you along. The entire program was really thought out - and when I wanted some info or felt stuck, there was a document there to help me. That was amazing! and Joy was always there, patient, understanding and had a calm presence that put us all at ease and allowed us to easily trust her in a welcoming environment to share anything that bothered us. Joy is truly a joy to work with - she is professional, patient, empathetic, and very knowledgeable. She is very passionate in helping others find their way - and it shows in her detailed program and coaching. I am so glad I joined her program - I feel as if I have made so much progress in finding what I love to do, and I wouldn’t have done it without Joy's help.”

Account Manager

“This program is ideal for those who are unsure of immediate next steps in your career, or where to steer your career path toward. Also good for if you are beginning your job search. Best if you currently have a job you are unsatisfied with. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere on my own so I sought support. It was the necessary next step. Joy is extraordinarily knowledgeable and resourceful, and she is always on top of it. She is also a great listener and cares deeply about helping her clients / students. I can’t say enough good things about her and her coaching abilities.”

Account/Brand Manager

“Joy, this is your calling and you are an excellent coach and human being! Your compassion for others really comes through and you are able to create a very safe and supportive environment for everyone to learn and share their experiences sincerely. It was a valuable experience for me and I feel more equipped and confident as I continue to work on my career plan”

Creative Director

Are You Ready to Explore Career Options + Gain Clarity?