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Are you a new leader looking for support and balance? Are you a creative unexpressed in routine job? Have you been at the same company wondering when you’ll find career growth? Are you a business owner seeking a stronger inner game? Maybe you want meaningful work, but don’t know where to start.

You are not alone.

Feeling stuck in your mid-career can be lonely and frustrating. You want to take some action, but before you have clarity, you’re mapping out pro/cons on the daily.

Each day that passes feels like another day wasted…

I totally get this. I’ve been there myself and I was able to create a step by step plan to bring life back to my mid-career and launch my vision into reality.

And now, I spend each day teaching and coaching this with people just like you to get unstuck and into action. I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals to discover career clarity and create the life they desire.

I meet you where you are and we align your strengths with opportunities for purposeful work and peak performance. Together, we will design a defining decade so you can create an authentic, adventurous, and fulfilling life now.


So, here’s my question…

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?”

(hint: it’s not to let your soul die in a cubicle)





3-Month Private Coaching with Joy

Weekly Transformational Coaching Sessions
In-Depth Strategy & Development Days
Additional Assets including Fulfillment Framework + Action Plans


Are you ready to transform your journey?




I also work with some of the top coaches and platforms in Career Strategy. Together, we are stronger.



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In Partnership with Laura Garnett Consulting

4 or 7 Private Coaching Sessions with Joy
Discover your Zone of Genius®, used by CEOs, Executives, & Leaders 
Find immediate fulfillment in your work


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Here’s what clients have to say about working with Joy…



Praise from Happy Clients


Joy Lin is by far one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and consulting with. Joy is well versed in her role as Music Licensing Consultant and her career consulting session through Quarter Life Joy Career Coaching is more than helpful to any individual seeking a career boost.
She’s helped me improved in many forms, beginning with the basic level of resume and cover letter drafting, all the way to the essentials of interview preparation and connecting you with individuals in your career field of choice. I highly recommend Joy as she proves to be knowledgeable about career building and transitioning

-Edina, Music Industry

“Working with Joy has given me structure of what next steps to take to pursue a new career. She’s helped me to see things in baby steps when I get intimated by the big picture. Towards the end of quitting my job, working with Joy gave me confidence to follow my passion. She helped me to stay focused and provided a lot of guidance to stay on the right path. The structure of our meetings has been efficient and effective. She’s able to recognize the issues that I have, provide solutions for them, and set new goals.”

–Tina, Tech & Startups

“I had a great career counseling meeting with Joy and it was a very productive meeting. We were able to really clarify a lot of blocks that are stopping me from achieving my career goals, and work on tangible solutions! If you are looking for career advise/consulting/professional advocate, I would highly recommend her company.”

-Moira, Songwriter, Artist & Talent Development

“I had an amazing experience with Joy! She made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. I feel confident and excited to provide employers with a new and improved resume. Joy gave me the tools, resources, and advice to continue my job search. I’ve got a new arsenal of materials to work with and I know it’s only a matter of time before I land my next job! Her feedback, comments, and ideas have truly given me the confidence and knowledge I need to be successful in my job search strategy. I can’t thank her enough!”

-Chelsea, Editorial/People Operations

“Joy is a joy to work with. She gives you a break down of how the call will proceed. I found she helped me see connections between my personality and values and how those things measure up with my current working experience. She offered a new and refreshing perspective that is difficult to receive from friends and family members. I definitely feel she sees and understands the importance of creating a balance between work and life.”

-Enid, Administration / Editorial

“Working with Joy has been a very positive experience for me. Making a career switch can be daunting, but Joy has been an amazingly positive influence in my path to making a transition in my career. She asks the right questions to help guide the decision making process. Joy is very insightful and understanding, and has the experience in various industries to be able to relate. It’s the right balance that I am seeking in a coach to help me find the right career path!”

-Jenny, Finance & Accounting

“My session with Joy was very informative. She was able to offer a point of view toward my career challenges, that I would not have otherwise considered. What I liked most about Joy is the fact that she referenced her own career change and certain steps she took toward making that happen. You know her advice is coming from a real and traveled place, not just a text book. That experience was very important to me as someone mid-career. After our session, she sent a detailed report with loads of valuable reference tools and insight. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for more clear direction toward their career goals.”

-Michele, Fashion Designer

“I would recommend Joy to anyone who is looking to polish their resume. She helped me to write a resume with quantifiable results while making it keyword rich in order to help me get noticed in my job search. I’m feeling much more prepared and confident in terms of my job search now that I’ve got a resume that illustrates my skills in a well-defined way.”

-Penny, Marketing & Communications

“Joy has a very intuitive, almost uncanny, approach to understanding her client and for this reason I felt a high level of comfort in communicating with her. From one session, I could feel her passion that stems from her heart-centered focus as a mentor/coach…a true “Destiny Designer.” I believe her method to be mindful in manifesting a successful life purpose where my passions and dreams can co-exist in both my personal/professional life. Looking fwd. to continuing working with her.”

-Jacyln, Writer

“Joy was great! She was extremely helpful and our conversation provided great insight on how to modify my resume for a career change. She was very fast in the turnaround of the revisions and the review. I highly recommend Joy if you are looking for a fresh look at your knowledge and experience for updating your resume.”

-Julia, Higher Education/Professor

“Originally, I was hesitant to pay for a professional to look at my resume. However, I looked on the Muse and found Joy. Joy went beyond my expectations. She first got to know my personality and career goals. Then, she produced an amazing resume for me. On top of the resume, Joy gave me excellent career advice and how to improve my LinkedIn. She proved herself to be way more useful than the career counselors at my college. I would highly recommend everyone to hire Joy.”

-Benny, Content Writer

“I asked Joy for her insight and advice on how to update my resume from a list of jobs to a compelling narrative of skills and successes. I also want to be able to take my 20+ years of experience and pivot, doing similar work in a new field. She asked me to complete a couple tasks (which were fun) and we spoke for 40 minutes by telephone. She developed an amazing narrative: a compelling resume that better positions me and one that will be easy to adapt. I wish I could give Joy 10 stars.”

-Stacey, VP of Communcations

“Joy was delightful to work with. She took the time to understand my specific needs and wants, and helped guide me in the right direction. Her approach was thoughtful, savvy, and insightful. I am very happy with my experience and will recommend her without hesitation.”

-Priya, Finance

“Joy was great. We had a phone conversation so that she could get a feel for where I am at. Right now I am trying to decide if I want to stay in post production or move on to an entirely different career. After the conversation Joy sent me some questions to help guide me as to what I want and where I want to go next in my career. By the time we had our follow up phone conversation I have already figured out that I want to pursue a career as a librarian. If you are debating on whether or not to give Joy a call….CALL. Joy was my accountability as to making sure I followed through on answering the questions. If I hadn’t made the decision to call I believe I would still be stuck trying to figure out what to do with my life.”

-Aleshia, Post-Production

“Joy was not only able to articulate and translate my 14 years of experience in a single company to a an entirely new career path, but she was also able to give me insight into things I need from my career on a personal level that I had never consciously acknowledged. Also, since I am looking for a career change, walking her through my resume and work history (since she knows nothing about my industry) was a helpful first step towards navigating those same questions in a future interview. It helped me identify how I currently relay information about my experiences and improvements that I need to make the next time.”

-Jennifer, Manufacturing

“Joy provided several sites to first determine my personality type. This confirmed the career change path and the “future orientation” of my resume and LinkedIn profile. The changes to the resume content and layout were specific and provided much more self-narrative for a prospective employer. ATS systems are about elimination, not consideration. The new format will assist in gaming the system. There is a reason why there are so many 5-star reviews connected to Joy’s profile. I should have connected with her 6 months ago!”

-Tom, Semiconductor

“I had a great experience working with Joy. She clearly knows what she is talking about and how to best achieve results. She’s a great listener and asks good, thought-provoking questions.”

-Elaine, Wealth Management

“Right from the start I could tell Joy was genuinely interested in my story. Hearing about her background and her personal experiences, it was clear she could fully relate to my situation. She asked seemingly simple questions, but they were questions that had me interpreting my current job and functionality in a totally new way. I found this particularly evident while we were going over my resume. Together, we were able to really break it down and hone in on the specifics. Now I have a revamped resume, plus a few useful tips on how to network and narrow my job search! I’d highly recommend Joy to anyone who is in need of some career advice and resume critique.”

-Caroline, Finance

“Joy was a pleasure to work with – she’s personable, attentive, and knowledgeable. She delivered a well thought-out, well redesigned version of my resume. Along with it, she provided a thorough reasoning for her choices in formatting and content editing, which I found extremely helpful as it allowed me to understand the ‘story’ of my new resume and to seamlessly insert any final touches. Joy also kindly provided direction for next steps, which I am extremely grateful for. This has been the absolute best investment for me as a professional in preparation for a job search. MANY thanks to Joy for all her commitment, time, and support, and to Muse for providing a great space that connects mentors and people like myself!”

-Lina, Sustainability

“I absolutely made the right decision choosing to work with Joy. She put me at ease, we connected immediately and her help was invaluable. After our call I was feeling much more motivated and confident, with a strong sense of direction- all thanks to Joy and her ability to hone in on my values and what makes me shine. And there’s my amazing new resume… yes Joy went above and beyond, I’m so grateful to have her in my corner!”

-Rebecca, Stylist & Coach

“I can’t give Joy enough stars! I’ve been feeling so off-track and helpless in my job search and decided to take a chance on The Muse’s career coaching. Joy was so reassuring, and had some amazing suggestions. Up until meeting with Joy I’ve always felt really uncertain and kind of self-conscious about what I’m looking for in a career move, and I felt way more confident and self-assured about my search after speaking with Joy. She provided a really safe and judge-free vibe. Wonderful experience!”

-Christine, Education

“I appreciate Joy for taking extra time to listen to my experiences, answer questions and offer concrete solutions and strategies. She whipped my résumé into shape and showed me how to 1) demonstrate growth 2) outline quantifiable contributions 3) revise my LinkedIn profile and 4) highlight my expertise and key accomplishments. I thoroughly enjoyed Joy’s process and was thrilled to make the connection with someone who encouraged me to use my personality to shine at work. Joy was awesome.”

-Taiia, Author & Editor-In-Chief

“I really really enjoyed working with Joy! Her guidance has given me the confidence and motivation to effectively pursue my dream career in the creative industry. Before diving into the building aspect of the resume, we got to learn a bit more about each other and to my surprise we had some similarities that ensured me she was the best mentor I could have chosen. She took the time listen to the things that were important to me, what my objectives were. Through that she was able to draw out my core strengths and skills, showing me how to translate them to an industry I have no professional experience in. I had no issues with communicating with Joy. She was punctual with getting back to me and always ensured me to communicate any questions or feedback. I highly recommend anyone to book a session with Joy no matter what your career pursuits are. You will not be disappointed!”

-Grace, Creative

“Working with Joy, for me was life changing. I am very very skeptical about coaches and things of that nature – but honestly, I’m mad I didn’t hire one sooner. Beyond that, finding a good fit is very difficult – but one call with Joy and I felt like I’d known her my whole life. She is incredibly intuitive, insightful and pleasant. She helped me see a whole different perspective than I had when I desperately first booked an appointment. It feels good to have someone in my corner and it helps that it feels like I’m just talking to a friend over coffee. I’ve decided to make joy a regular part of my career journey. It wasn’t just a call, it was the beginning of a partnership. If you’re reading these reviews, like me, and stalking this site for weeks debating, just book the session with Joy. You’ll be better for it.”

-Nicolette, Insurance

“Let me be the one to let you in on a little secret: before Joy becomes a top-rated Muse mentor, jump on the opportunity to hire her at her current, absurdly reasonable rate. Joy spent close to 45 minutes on the phone with me, letting me take the time to explain exactly where I am in my career and why I felt the need for an objective opinion. She then completely turned my resume on its ear, enabling me to now pursue opportunities I thought were too far afield given my specific background. Needless to say, Joy was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create new opportunities for themselves in the future.”

-Hal, TV & Media

“Hire this woman! She’s a miracle worker. I couldn’t have had a better experience.”

-Deborah, International Consultant

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