Coaching is not therapy, consulting, or mentorship. According to Coaches Training Institute, therapy works on emotional/behavioral problems and disruptive situations and “seeks to bring the client to normal function by focusing on dysfunction. The primary focus is on healing”.


In a consulting relationship, one person is the subject matter expert and is hired to understand your goal, assess the variables, and create a plan of action to better achieve the goals in the area of expertise, which the other person implements the plan on his or her own.


In a mentoring relationship, one person is more experienced and knowledgeable, and provides ongoing advice or guidance to the other person (usually in the same career path or industry) about how to grow and develop within that industry/career path. Mentorship can be an informal or formal relationship, depending on the context.


In a coaching relationship, we focus on taking you from a functional foundation to achieving optimal levels of performance and unlocking your potential with healing as a side effect. Coaching is a process within a professional relationship that helps you unlock your potential and produce extraordinary results in your life, career, business or organization. A coaching engagement focuses on where you are now, where you want to go, and excavating the path to get there. Additionally, we believe that you are the subject matter expert (on yourself) and provide consulting or mentorship only when appropriate. Thus, coaching is a dynamic and co-active relationship that requires active commitment, transparency, communication, and collaboration from both parties.


That being said, there are overlapping skills that could be used in all the above and provide similar benefits. There are times where I may consult and mentor, as well as coach.

Finding the right coaching program for you is a personal process and one not to rush.

If you tailor your search too much by expertise and credentials, you may find yourself in a pool of coaches that you can’t really differentiate. Testimonials, outcomes, certifications, and sales copy may all start sounding the same, and it can get overwhelming.

Instead of focusing only on someone’s background or resume, pay close attention to how you feel when watching their videos and reading their emails, while noticing how you resonate with their energy.


For example:

  • What is your mood like?
  • What are the effects of being in their presence or watching their content?
  • How would you describe their energy and approach?

Learning from a coach that resonates with you should give you a noticeable increase of energy, motivation, empowerment, or clarity.

Additionally, it’s important to note that you are not investing in the coach, but rather the coaching space they create for you. What you choose to do or not do with that space determines your unique results. Take time to get to learn the type of space a coaching program will create for you. Take time to write down in detail what your goals, challenges, and desired outcomes are.


Some questions to reflect on:

  • What are your immediate goals?
  • What big challenges are you experiencing or getting stuck at?
  • What are your desired outcomes- physically, emotionally, and financially?
  • What kind of support do you need to achieve your goals?
  • Is there anything holding you back from investing in yourself?

Jot these down and be prepared to expand on them. The right coaching program will do their due diligence and ask you questions to ensure they are a strong fit for your goals before accepting you.

The program is very intentionally designed to be 6 months, because we’ve seen that is the ideal timeframe for you to get the absolute best results. We’ve realized that the results you can get are exponential when we work together for this amount of time. 


What this means is that it gives us time to clarify your goals, land offers, and establish a transition plan as you enter your new role. The strategies and coaching we provide influence the quality of opportunities you get and also your ability to thrive going forward.


This is the difference with our program - we play the long game. We support you in designing your career, not just landing your next job.  This is a major difference between my coaching and other programs. Many job search programs and career coaches help you land jobs, but they don't help you become the person you want to become in that process, which is critical in real growth and transformation as a professional. Just because I sign a new offer doesn't mean that you've upgraded yourself mentally and in the way you manage your career going forward.  You're at such an important stage in your career where you could be setting up a real foundation to accelerate your growth and options, or you could be building career capital passively and just moving from job to job.


Some clients may land offers earlier, within 3 months of working together. For example, a client of mine landed in a financial services company and we identified monthly goals to continue building her career capital, map out her plan and set her on a path towards her ultimate vision for success in that role and industry. A member in the program just landed a job and we are preparing for her first 90 days.


We want to make sure we have time to practice, maintain and stabilize everything - we don’t want to have to win and then “slip” back into old patterns, habits or things that weren’t serving you. Your career is not this one job search, it is a series of decisions, intentions, strategies, and skill building you're doing for your entire life.


My clients often come in thinking they’ll just use one or two things from my program, and then end up implementing everything! Plus all the coaching, personalized feedback and 1:1 calls will be easily tailored to what ends up happening for you and where you need support.


The whole process is designed as a system for a reason - all the individual pieces work together to create the results you’re looking for. It’s not just about doing one tiny piece. It’s about the whole ecosystem of clarity, strategy, and execution that plays together that works better than any one-off thing you’ve tried before. I guarantee you’ll love it.

Yes, it’s our company policy to NEVER put anyone in undue financial strain, so if it’s not feasible right now I completely understand and I look forward to working with you in the future when the timing is right! 


We have a super accessible monthly payment plan option, which I go over in detail after you apply. You can start at this smaller payment, then we'll help clarify your goals and position you better for all future opportunities.


If you use the monthly payment plan, it gives you an ability to spread out the payments over 6 months. If you enroll within the 5- day deadline, you’ll also get a bonus, which is over $700 worth of value! 

I have a Self-Study 3-Months Access to my entire Design Your Dream Career curriculum (the exclusive vault of over 45 video trainings, worksheets, templates, and resources). All the trainings and worksheets are done by me, so it'll be like having me as your coach! This could be the ideal guide for you as you reconnect with your own values, strengths, zone of genius, and brainstorm, explore, and evaluate new exciting career options. After the 3 months access, you have the option to renew or to upgrade to the full program. 
Also, as a bonus, you'll get access to our members-only workshops! If you can't attend live, I'll have them recorded and added to the curriculum.
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