“What is coaching?”
Coaching is a process within a professional relationship that helps you unlock your potential and produce extraordinary results in your life, career, business or organization. A coaching engagement focuses on where you are now, where you want to go, and excavating the path to get there.
“What are your specialties?”
My specialty is partnering with mid-career professionals to navigate career transitions and changes. My programs provide a balance of structure and exploration to help you connect with yourself, take action, and make confident decisions.
“What separates you from other coaches?”
My most unique quality is having completed 2 successful (and fun) career changes (from completely different industries: auditor → music business professional → soloprenuer/coach). I found the process so exciting and transformational that I built programs around it to help you make meaningful career changes too. I’ve asked every single coachee why they chose to work with me, and it comes down to 2 common reasons: 1) My background, and 2) My personality. To read more about my story and why Quarter Life Joy exists, click here!
“How does coaching differ from things like mentorship, consulting, or therapy?”

Coaching is not therapy, consulting, or mentorship. According to Coaches Training Institute, therapy works on emotional/behavioral problems and disruptive situations and “seeks to bring the client to normal function by focusing on dysfunction. The primary focus is on healing”.

In a consulting relationship, one person is the subject matter expert and is hired to understand your goal, assess the variables, and create a plan of action to better achieve the goals in the area of expertise, which the other person implements the plan on his or her own.

In a mentoring relationship, one person is more experienced and knowledgeable, and provides ongoing advice or guidance to the other person (usually in the same career path or industry) about how to grow and develop within that industry/career path. Mentorship can be an informal or formal relationship, depending on the context.

In a coaching relationship, we focus on taking you from a functional foundation to achieving optimal levels of performance and unlocking your potential with healing as a side effect.  Additionally, we believe that you are the subject matter expert (on yourself) and provide consulting or mentorship only when appropriate. Thus, coaching is a dynamic relationship that requires active commitment, transparency, communication, and collaboration from both parties.

That being said, there are overlapping skills that could be used in all the above and provide similar benefits. There are times where I may consult and mentor, as well as coach.


“Why is coaching done by phone or video?”

Coaching is done by phone or video for various reasons.  First, it allows for more convenience, efficiency, and confidentiality. It eliminates commute time and allows you to experience each call in a private space of your own with more control over your environment. Additionally, it opens up the possibility of finding the best coach/coachee match since neither the coach nor coachee is limited by location. I have worked with coachees from 17 countries and counting! 

“What results do you guarantee?”

The results of coaching vary from person to person. At the beginning of our engagement, we will discuss your desired outcomes (measurable and immeasurable), set our goals for working together, and check in often during our engagement. My coaching programs first work to increase your self-awareness, knowledge, clarity, openness, tools, resources, strategies, network, resilience, and confidence in pursuing a personal or professional goal.  Then, this sometimes leads to external results such as job offers, promotion, higher salary, business growth, more free time, new business ideas, or improved relationships. Typically, coaching together results in a combination of internal growth and external results. Ultimately, personal and professional growth is a lifetime practice and my hope is that you walk away knowing yourself more, what you want with more clarity, and more tools to achieve your goals now and in the future. Click here to read about some of the real results of others I’ve worked with!

“How long do we work together?”

My recommended timeline of working together is 3-6 months. The nature of a career transition is often uncertain and I help provide support as things come up and evolve.  In my personal and professional experience, a full career change can take anywhere between 3 months to 2 years. Also, the timeline and outcomes tend to change once you are actively exploring, applying and interviewing, and it’s not uncommon for people to adjust their targets or timelines. Planning and committing to a 3-6 month engagement allows us the space to work on what’s important with a pace that is manageable. 

“What does a coaching program look like?”

My coaching programs are tailored, depending on your main focus.  To read more about each of my coaching offerings, please click here, choose a coaching program, and scroll down to “A Peek at the Process”!

“What if I just want a Resume/LinkedIn revision?”

I offer a Comprehensive Professional Narrative Package, which includes a full revision of your Resume and LinkedIn, as well as Cover Letter Development Coaching. Please click here to learn more!

“What if I’m not looking for a full program- just more DIY tools, resources, and strategies?”
I created DIY online courses for Resume/LinkedIn, Job Hunting Strategies, and Interview Prep for you to learn my exact strategies and work through them on your own. Please click here to learn more!
“What happens during our consultation call?”
The goal of the consultation call is to learn more about you, your goals and determine together whether or not I am a strong fit for your goals. I will introduce myself, ask you to share a little about where you are at, and ask you questions about the coaching relationship and desired outcomes you are looking for, and give you a chance at the end to ask me any questions you have! There are 2 possible outcomes of the call 1) we determine that coaching is a great fit and I will share next steps to dive in deeper or 2) we determine that we are not a fit at the time and I can point you towards resources, tools, or other options. Either way, you walk away with something!
“Are there payment plan options available?”

Yes! I share these options during our consultation call.

“How do I know you're the right coach for me?”

Finding the right coach for you is a personal process and one not to rush. I shared my biggest tips and wrote about this here.

“Where else can I find you?”

Browse through my Press page where I share my press, publications, podcasts, and partnerships! 

“If you could have a super power, what would it be?”

Definitely, the ability to eat as much as I want and suffer no consequences.  

“I have more questions!”

Not a problem! If you have spent time reading through the coaching programs and you like what you see, book a consultation with me and we will make sure all your questions are answered! If you have other questions about collaborations, partnerships, or events, please contact us and my team will be in touch!