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Forbes- “5 Surprising Career Situations A Career Coach Can Help You Through”

Time- “3 Expert-Backed Tips for Achieving Your Biggest Goals”

Refinery29- “What Happened When I Hired an Online Career Counselor”

The Muse- “3 Signs You’re on the Verge of Hating Your Job (That You Didn’t Even Realize)”

The Muse- “3 Realizations Everyone Has During Their Quarter-Life Crisis (and How to Deal With Each One)”

The Muse- “Ask a Career Coach: I’m Miserable and Want a New Job, But Nobody Will Hire Me”

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Career Contessa- “4 Ways Productive People Make The Most of Their Days Off”

Career Contessa- “3 Important Ways to Invest In Yourself On a Monthly Basis”

Stylecaster- “5 Things I Learned from an Online Professional Career Coach”

5 Things I Learned from an Online Professional Career Coach

Chicago Tribune- “How to turn down being someone’s professional reference”

The New York Times- “Honeymoons, Babymoons and Jobbymoons?”
Trips taken before starting work at a new employer can help travelers recharge and refocus.

Elephant Journal- “3 Ways to Reverse Unhealthy Belief Systems”

Peaceful Dumpling- “3 Tips to Stay Emotionally Intelligent For The Holidays”

3 Tips to Stay Emotionally Intelligent for the Holidays


Career Metis- “Mastering The Inner Game of Job Search”

Tao of Self Confidence- “Be Honest With Yourself”

366: Be Honest With Yourself With Joy Lin

Confessions of Successful Asian Women- “How Joy Lin Helps You Become The Person You Didn’t Think You Could Be”


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