Professional Narrative


If You Need a New, Sharpened

Resume and LinkedIn That Tells a Story

You’re Proud of, You’re in the Right Place!

The Average Time Recruiters Spend
Reviewing Your Resume is 6 Seconds.
Yes, 6 seconds.

When Recruiters Are Looking Through Your Resume, They are Scanning, Pattern Matching, And Checking Your Qualifications for The Jobs You’re Hoping to Be Considered For.

“And What About My

How Important is That?”

Good Question! Well, 94% (Maybe More) of Recruiters Vet
Candidates Using LinkedIn.

Here’s what you need: 


  • Expert guidance on extracting your key achievements, skills, and strengths
  • Coaching on what your unique approach to work is and why you stand out
  • Professional polishing and updating your Resume, LinkedIn, and Cover Letter
  • A easy-to-follow process for analyzing Job Descriptions and tailoring your materials
  • Third-party perspective on what your story conveys and what it tells a prospective employer
  • Simple templates, coaching, and revisions to help you move forward
  • Confidence in your professional narrative so you can apply, do outreach, and network
  • An authentic narrative you can proudly share

Good news: I can help. 

I have written hundreds of Resumes, LinkedIn, and Cover Letters for professionals in all industries and levels. 

Let me help you tell your professional story. 

Let’s do this together!
Craft Your Professional Narrative  (Resume/LinkedIn Review Packages) 

What the package Could include:

  • Comprehensive pre-session worksheet to better understand your targets and work experience
  • Pre-session video tutorial on how to do Strategic Preparation and Analysis on job descriptions
  • 90-minute guided coaching session on your key achievements, growth narrative, and top skills
  • Full revision of your Resume + LinkedIn profile
  • My most recommended Cover Letter template and coaching on how to write your letters
  • A final revision or tips on how to tailor your resume for different opportunities
  • Timely 24/7 email support to review outgoing drafts and applications

A peek at the


Are You Ready To Craft a Powerful Professional Narrative?

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your coaching and resume/LinkedIn support back in April. Taking the step to hire a coach was the best decision I have made for my career. After our session, I gained significant traction and have had dozens of interviews, requests and even 4 offers! Because of you, I went from desperately trying to hear back from anyone, to having the luxury of actually turning down several opportunities until I found the perfect fit. I am excited to let you know that I have accepted a wonderful opportunity at Mavenlink - an Irvine based SaaS company that is growing and has an amazing sense of core values. I have spoken praise to a couple of my friends/colleagues that are looking to move on in their career and hope they reach out to you. Again, thank you for displaying me on paper how I wanted the world to see me. You are very talented and I am so glad I connected with you.”

Customer Success Manager

“Joy was not only able to articulate and translate my 14 years of experience in a single company to an entirely new career path, but she was also able to give me insight into things I need from my career on a personal level that I had never consciously acknowledged. Also, since I am looking for a career change, walking her through my resume and work history (since she knows nothing about my industry) was a helpful first step towards navigating those same questions in a future interview. It helped me identify how I currently relay information about my experiences and improvements that I need to make the next time.”

Vice President of Operations

“Joy is a true professional! She’s very organized, as she will guide your experience with her in the best possible direction. She is very personable since after talking with her for a few minutes, I felt as if I knew her for years! Joy brought out the best in my resume and made me an actual sellable product. After reading my resume for the first time, I wanted to hire myself! Joy was very attentive and remembered to include in her responses all the details that I’ve asked about in the call. I am very satisfied with her help. She was worth to wait for 2-3 weeks and this was one of the best investments made in my future!”

Senior Underwriter

“The resume we worked on has yielded pretty positive results, all within a month timeframe. Three interview requests and a company proposed a very good offer for a role I believe is extremely well suited for me, I countered, they approved and I accepted – an offer much better than others were able to extend. I actually turned down another interview because of this. So thank you for the effort you put in and for the finished document we were able to produce.”


“Joy was literally a joy to work with. It amazed me how much she could absorb in one hour of Skype talk, and how easily she translated it in my new Resume and LinkedIn page. Joy gave me the confidence that I needed while going through the rough path of shifting careers, and I happily recommend her to everyone.”


“I went into this not knowing what to expect - I had never used a coach before. Joy was an absolute pleasure to talk to, she made it so easy to put into words what I had been struggling with for so long.”

irector of Client Services

“This is my second time working with Joy and I could not give enough praise for all the help she has given me! I was completely blown away by how she was able to revamp my resume as well as provide a killer LinkedIn profile that I had struggled with for months. Her help always goes above and beyond expectations which is so valued when you're struggling career-wise. Joy is such a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!”

Studio Manager

“Joy was amazing!! She was able to perfectly articulate my skills and strengths in a way that makes it very clear to employers what value I can bring to an organization. I am super thrilled with the results and would definitely be reaching out to her about job search strategy related questions as well.”

Data Analytics

“My experience with Joy was amazing! She was really good at helping me see the skills I've developed and the contributions I make in my work. She provided very clear instructions in our email communications so that I was prepared for our call and we could maximize our time together. At the start of our call she shared a little bit about her career path which helped me get to know her and feel comfortable. Joy asked the right questions to capture the complexities of the work I do and she distilled the details down to transferrable and desirable skills. I love the new look of my resume and I've got all the parts and pieces to update my LinkedIn profile. She made the entire process painless. I highly recommend working with Joy!”

Senior Content Strategist

“I am so happy I found Joy! I knew I wanted an update to my resume and LinkedIn profile, but wasn't quite sure how all my various work experiences would fit and create a nice flow. Joy was able to show me how everything connected and came back with a beautiful first draft template for both my resume and LinkedIn profile! She listens intently and is committed to helping you succeed. If you were like me, reading reviews, trying to decide if you should work with Joy, my advice is to go ahead and just do it. You won't have any regrets!”


“Joy is absolutely amazing! She has the ability to make you realize the professional strengths you have and should be highlighted while your transition into a new career. Beyond the amazing materials she provides, she leaves you with this immense confidence that stems from your own experience. She is a master at using the right words-in the right place to refine your resume. The best decision I have made for my career is having Joy as my coach.”

Marketing Communications

“Joy is a Joy to work with. I highly recommend her and would like to work with her again in the future. If you are considering this engagement, do not hesitate. She is very responsive via email and made the process clear, with appropriate inquiry and feedback. Her writing product (resume & LinkedIn) are excellent. This experience was the exact process I needed when seeking the support for career re-vamp and transition.”

Healthcare/Operations Management

“Joy was awesome to work with. She asked me great questions, paid close attention to my challenges/objectives, and really elevated the impact and strength of my pre-Joy resume and LinkedIn profile. Really, money well spent. There's nothing like feeling super confident in your resume and LinkedIn profile - a huge relief. Thank you, Joy!!!!”

Senior Brand Consultant

“Joy has been great through the first contact. I was inspired by her own experience sharing as well as respect her decision to follow her heart. I am really pleased with the review she did for me, as she helped me seeing the gaps where I did not highlight due to the culture differences across the continents. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to be inspired and have a discussion about the next steps in the career. Find the true passion and what you are really good at.”


Are You Ready to Craft a Powerful Professional Narrative?