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Working with Joy changed everything for me. With her support, I was finally able to let go of the job I was in (and all of the negative emotions with that) and look forward to a new, bright future. I also now make important life decisions based on my intuition, which I think Joy helped influence too. Coaching was a great reminder of lessons I've learned as well as lessons that I was learning. I also maintained a very open mentality in working with her, which helped influence me taking the new job in a brand new city (which I wasn't planning for at all!). I'm now at a job I love that is taking me to the next level in my career.

- Rebecca, Technology

“When I approached Joy, I was at a place in my career where two conflicting emotions were driving my actions - the negative impact of burnout and the optimism and excitement of a career change I had been wanting to make for the last couple of years. Sustainability and ESG was on the brink of ubiquity and I had wanted to be a part of it in my unique way. I needed the perspectives of a coach who would be able to help me capitalize on my strengths and talents and strengthen my narrative in support of a career change and navigate this change in a way that was authentic to me. I knew only a great coach would be able to champion this cause. In working with Joy, I was able to channel into a journey of self-discovery and transition to the career I wanted, during the pandemic no less! It gave me so much more than just a career change. It helped me assess who I was as a professional and person and strengthen my own narrative outside of the confines of a job description or contributions to a specific role. Joy is thoughtful, respectful and recognizes what is required to help her clients achieve their career objective(s). She supports her clients in a way that is authentic to them. You won’t regret working with her!”

- Mira, Sustainable Investing & ESG

I scored a job! I even negotiated a 76% increase from my last job. AND am getting relocation. And I negotiated a 10% increase from what they were offering with a review in 4-6 months to get a 10% raise. When it rains, it pours... in a good way. I was interviewing for 3 positions at once, and was offered a side project as well. Thank you so much for everything! THANK YOU for telling me to not settle! It's magical and I feel so, so blessed.”

- Maaheem, E-Learning

“Incredible, inspiring, thought provoking, confidence-building. Joy helped me to define my personal mission and strength, and supported me through some really difficult conversations at work. Joy was so positive and thoughtful, but she also challenged me to consider things that I didn't set as goals, like trying to be patient with myself and trusting the process. I got a new job offer 2 weeks after our final call. If you are looking for a strategic advisor for your career, someone who can look at what you have accomplished, help you craft your mission and vision, and set you on your path to happiness in your career, Joy is who you need”

- Colleen, Social Impact Consulting

Taking the step to hire Joy was the best decision I have made for my career. After our session, I gained significant traction and have had dozens of interviews, requests and even 4 offers! Because of Joy, I went from desperately trying to hear back from anyone, to having the luxury of actually turning down several opportunities until I found the perfect fit.“

- Cortney, Technology

Working with Joy changed my whole mindset. I felt unsure how to begin my job search and where to focus my time. I even felt unsure of what sort of jobs I wanted to pursue. I looked forward to coaching every week because it was such a positive and special experience for me. I felt more prepared and confident. I was able to take full advantage of both writing and teaching opportunities that together have doubled my income, freeing me to think about what sort of growth I'd like to seek from here. Joy's approach is engaging, supportive, and empowering. I enthusiastically recommend Joy to others who would like to make their job search or career development a more efficient and encouraging process. You might wish you'd worked with her sooner.”

- Estella, Non-Profit

“After working my way up from a Jr. position to a Director position, by the books, I was leading a very successful career path, but I felt a lot of conflict internally if this was the right thing for me. Joy's guidance helped me re-imagine and redefine what success, happiness, and a fulfilling career could look like – not based on anyone else's point of view, but helped me discover my very own definition. Her platform of videos/audio/pre-made workshop tools were so good for someone like myself that needs tools and a space to revisit and reflect on exercises a few times before it sticks. Plus, her experience as a woman in a creative industry and big change in career offered a lot of perspective and insight that I feel like the other coach's I had interviewed prior couldn't offer. Through my freelancing and networking, I was able to connect with a Fortune 15 Company. Next week, I'll be starting a new position as a UX Designer with the company. I can't stress this enough – you. are. amazing. Your fresh perspective and support helped open up some awesome new paths for me! THANK YOU! ”

- Julie, Healthcare

“I felt so discouraged by finding a job. I had only known one field (higher education) and wanted to expand, but didn't know how. Before coaching, I had 0 callbacks. After coaching, I received an interview for 85% of the jobs I applied for. I broke through some of my own perceived limits and truly surpassed what I ever could imagine. I really understood myself better and I realized that I could choose what I want. I truly believe that what I learned was priceless. Working with Joy not only touched my life and made it better, but everyone around me!

- Ryan, Higher Education

Joy has been a game-changer in my professional career thus far. She is patient, attentive, and gives guidance that allows you to grow and push yourself to the next level professionally. With her help, I grew professionally in ways I didn't think were possible and had the confidence to negotiate a salary I was comfortable with, as well as join an organization I'm excited to be a part of. She is the professional mentor you want to have in your corner, not only when looking for a new job, but also when you are looking to align your career goals with life fulfillment. Joy also cares about you as a person, so don't be shy in sharing things about yourself, including your struggles as a professional. “

- Makeeya, Non-Profit

Working with Joy gave me a "north star" to my life. It helped me understand not only what I want to do with my life from a career perspective, but also what I truly care about and what is important to me. Joy also gave me a toolkit that I can refer to in the future - ranging from tools to evaluate what is really important to me, the lifestyle I want to live, and also tactically how to apply for jobs. I most appreciated how insightful she is! There were a number of times where Joy had spot on assessments of how I was feeling or what I was doing. Each step along the way was inspiring to help me create a life that I loved. There were some challenging moments as I had to think hard about what was meaningful to me and what I wanted to work for. Joy was always there to encourage me to look beyond just the surface answers and understand what I truly wanted in order to build a life I love.

- Elizabeth, Health Technology

"I found my dream job! I cannot thank Joy enough for all of the amazing advice and confidence that she gave me. Thanks to Joy I was never discouraged in my career search (even when I was laid off). She gave me strategies to really think about what I wanted, reach out to companies in a unique way, and tell my story in a passionate and genuine way. I haven't stopped recommending the career coaching program to everyone. She truly helped me to change my life. I would never have been able to do this without Joy. Seriously thank you so much!"

- Marissa, Logistics & Supply Chain

It was better than I ever could have imagined. I loved how structured and clear everything was - including documents for each module that would help guide you along. The entire program was really thought out - and when I wanted some info or felt stuck, there was a document there to help me. That was amazing! And Joy was always there, patient, understanding and had a calm presence that put us all at ease and allowed us to easily trust her in a welcoming environment to share anything that bothered us. Joy is truly a joy to work with - she is professional, patient, empathetic, and very knowledgeable. I am so glad I joined her program - I have made so much progress in finding what I love to do, and I wouldn’t have done it without Joy's help.”

- Sylvia, Higher Education

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