International Media Programs
“I would recommend (and have already recommended) this program to others! Problem one: I didn't know exactly what I was looking for! A job, broadly, but beyond that I didn't know. I realized that I couldn’t navigate the challenges and questions around gaining career clarity by myself. Making the commitment to coaching was a stretch for me, both financially and mentally. But it was affirming and wonderfully positive as well, and it gave me built-in structure and helped identify goals during my job search. It’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made! Joy helped me to answer that question with her multifaceted approach to career clarity, which focused as much on the important psychological and emotional aspects of job hunting as the practical components of writing applications and interviewing. I learned that I wanted to think about my professional options more broadly, to consider new opportunities and adjacencies to my previous work. I also wanted to resolve some of the dissatisfaction and cynicism I felt in my previous role before moving forward. My confusion around my lack of interest in the "logical next step" of my career was making life miserable, and Joy's coaching format helped me to work through that negativity and sort out the things that are important to me.”
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