Instructional Designer/Content Strategy Leader
“Incredible, inspiring, thought provoking, confidence-building. Joy gave me real tools and strategies for finding my specific skills and strengths. She was able to coach me to zoom out and look at the big picture of what my life could be, and zoom in and talk about tactical strategies for difficult conversations at work and cover letters. It surprised me how much coaching is very self-directed. Joy had the questions, and I had to provide the answers. It left me feeling confident that if I'm patient with myself, I could provide the answers. I set out with the goal of a 3-month coaching engagement so that by the end of it, I would know my career path, strengths, and have a unique job search strategy, and have a new job offer in hand. Joy helped me to define my personal mission and strength and supported me through some really difficult conversations at work. I got a new job offer 2 weeks after our final call. Joy was so positive and thoughtful and challenging, but she also challenged me to consider things that I didn't set as goals, like trying to be patient with myself and trust the process. If you are looking for a strategic advisor for your career, someone who can look at what you have accomplished, help you craft your mission and vision, and set you on your path to happiness in your career, Joy is who you need.”
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