“Working with Joy changed my whole mindset. I felt unsure how to begin my job search and where to focus my time. I even felt unsure of what sort of jobs I wanted to pursue. I looked forward to coaching every week because it was such a positive and special experience for me. Coaching sessions kept me focused on growth and progress. It surprised me how easy it was to complete materials after a coaching session. I didn't expect to be so productive between sessions, and it was possible because we'd put together the structure and main points of the materials during coaching sessions. Overall, it surprised me how simple the solutions were for problems that I might have ruminated over indefinitely. I naturally gravitated toward more solution-driven approaches. Small changes I made led to unexpected discoveries and offers. I felt more prepared and confident. I was able to take full advantage of both writing and teaching opportunities that together have doubled my income, freeing me to think about what sort of growth I'd like to seek from here. Joy's approach is engaging, supportive, and empowering. She has the uncanny ability to reflect what you've said and summarize it in a way that feels more manageable. I enthusiastically recommend Joy to others who would like to make their job search or career development a more efficient and encouraging process. You might wish you'd worked with her sooner.”
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