Content Strategy Lead
“I was at a career turning point. I was frustrated with my role at my last startup and when I tried to improve things there, I was let go. Joy’s approach is very warm, human and empathetic. Having a regular coaching meeting where I could explore ups and downs and plan the next actions in my job hunt was very useful for me to stay on track and not sink into aimless self-pity. After an 8 month search, I turned down a couple of roles that were not what I was seeking, and I landed a job that fits all of my parameters at a salary that is 47% HIGHER than my last job. I set some goals for my side work (writing) and started achieving those, too: This year I determined that I would focus on getting some bylines for myself and I have since pitched and placed 5 business articles and 1 creative nonfiction piece! Joy helped me take a big step forward.”
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