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Quarter Life Joy is the practical coaching channel that helps you get to know yourself, clarify your goals, and design a life you're proud of.

Unlike career channels that focus on job search tips, Joy empowers you with holistic tools and out-of-the-box concepts. From uncovering your core values to making confident decisions in life and work, let's get started!

WATCH TIME: 7 Minutes
When you improve the quality of your questions, you also come up better answers. If you’re feeling stuck on a decision you need to make, try this out!
WATCH TIME: 6 Minutes
Feeling lost? Joy shares 10 ideas you can do right away to feel more inspired about your future and reinvent your career. Learn how to find supportive communities of like-minded professionals, online resources, easy and fun exercises you can do from your couch. My last tip is my favorite!
WATCH TIME: 4 Minutes
Are you a career changer? Watch this video for interview tips on you how to answer, “Tell Me About Yourself” if you are a career changer or have a non-linear career path plus a bonus sample answer.
WATCH TIME: 8 Minutes
Before you quit your job…. There are 5 strategic things you can do right away that will clarify your next steps and set you up for success before you pull the trigger on leaving your current job.  #1: Identify exactly what is working and what isn’t.  Getting specific is really important because you want to...
WATCH TIME: 9 Minutes
Self-care habits help us stay healthy and grounded through all stages of life. When we go through transitions in life and work, we go through a 3-part process of endings, neutral zones, and a new beginning. Building self-care and self-love habits is particularly important during this time. Watch this video to learn more about the process of life transitions and 10 self-care habits you can do to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health.
WATCH TIME: 12 Minutes
Are you burnt out from your job or work? Take a moment and watch this video, where Joy explains what burnout is, the main sources of burnout, and how to recover. The key is optimizing your work environment as well as your own mindset and self-care habits. Rest and recovery are essential to a fulfilled, and engaged life and work life.

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